About Amarese Designs

Amarese Designs has evolved from creating lessons for students studying textiles. Endless hours of research led to learning about recycled plastics and how these can become fabrics.

This was the beginning of something!

Growing up my mother would sew ball gown dresses without a pattern, matching family outfits and dance costumes, one time created the night before a concert - (apparently miscommunication on the daughter's behalf). Reflecting back there has always been an underlying passion for textile projects.

I now have my own daughters who love the water, baths, puddles, lakes, hose, pools and the ocean, if there is water they are in it! Selecting swimwear has been a little blah, not happy with the coverage of some bikinis, cheap fabrics, find a style then never to be seen again etc etc. So instead of whinging and complaining my planets were beginning to align with past experiences and expertise this has led to the creation of Amarese Designs.

2 years later Amarese Designs is ready to launch children's swimwear that is tried and tested using a range of sustainable fabrics and notions. Fabric patterns are exclusively owned by Amarese Designs, this has been done by using some of Australia's finest designers (in my opinion). Manufacturing has been a mission in itself, but Amarese Designs has done this and is proud to say made in Australia (Sydney)! There is a designer who has helped to make this happen also in Australia, who shall be named soon!

Everything Amarese Designs does and will continue to do is inspired by the love of all ocean life, textiles, strengthening local economies and supporting creatives that are here in Australia! Finally and most importantly the little fun, sun, and water-loving offspring I have who have led to the present point in time.

As Amarese Designs evolves in the future there will be new and exciting swimwear that will expand over time, rest assured the swimwear is created with you in mind. Quality and durability are of the highest importance to the brand whilst keeping up with the latest colours and trends in the designs. Amarese Designs look forward to the future and seeing little water babes enjoy the swimwear.