About Amarese Designs

Amarese Designs swimwear began from the pain points of multiple children trying to get dressed and ready to swim with one set of hands. The ease and prompt removal when wet for those fast changes or bathroom dashes can be pretty tricky, usually resulting in frustrated children.

Swimwear range is currently created for 2–12 years old girls.
Amarese Designs works hard to ensure that sustainable practices are incorporated from beginning to ensuring recycled fabric, recycled zips, & eco-friendly printing processes. Our fabric printers use water-based inks; no dyes are washed out or discarded into our local waterways. Our printers care for waterways, too and do not use any harsh chemicals that are dangerous to the environment.
Expanding to Women's swimwear as of 2023 with the introduction of stylish yet practical swimwear for the beach or lazy days by the pool. Using  ECONYL® regenerated nylon is made from nylon waste otherwise polluting the Earth, like fishing nets, carpet flooring, and industrial plastic.

When designing swimwear, we have considered the active lifestyle children lead. It was essential to create flexible, functional straps that stay on the shoulders with modest coverage, so children can quickly and safely zip into their swimwear. Whilst being durable, stylish and fun.
Swimwear is proudly manufactured in Sydney under strict guidance from our designer, overseeing high-quality garments produced.
Swing tags, packaging and gusset liners are all biodegradable minimising environmental waste.